A magical world full of immensity and freedom opens up to INGVAY when he first listens to JJ Cale at home with his father. He can ́t quite put his finger on it yet but one thing is certain: it is a world he wants to be a part of. 

He immediately convinces his uncle, a blues guitarist, to show him his first riffs. From that moment on the foundation of INGVAY ́s style is laid, the sound that has become a core part of this musician ́s heart. 

As a teenager he is drawn to travel: he starts to play music at bonfires in Spain, at Italian beaches, while camping in France. Later on he tours Europe for years as a sound engineer - always searching for the way of life that only this music can offer him. 

He then starts to write his own songs.  About life on the road - a journey into life ́s vastness as well as his inner self. He gathers his long-standing musical companions around him and continues to develop his style by returning to his roots. 

With his new album “Keep It Up”, INGVAY begins his journey once more, setting sail to a new age.